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Earn Passive Income With Blogging

Turn your passion into income  – step by step guide here on peekzi

Don’t know what to blog about? Don’t have any blogging knowledge? No worries its all covered in this blog.

Preparing a strong foundation

Any strong empire, building or program started with great planning. The same goes for blogging. Unfortunately, many first-time bloggers do not heed this very read more

Posting content & online presence

Since you have already laid down the foundation for your blog, it is time to get the ball rolling. By this time, you will already have written the launch post, but it has read more

Focusing on your content

You already have your blog up and running after the first two tasks on how to start a blog. Although there is not so much content yet, it is already visible online read more

Put yourself out there

Today we focus on delving deeper into your niche. Instead of relying on your own sense and knowledge of your topic, today’s tasks look at how you can use the read more

Define & demonstrate quality

Quality of your content is another important factor to your success, so publish quality content for users to keep returning over and over again to your site read more…

Finally, strategies for success

Today marks a change of pace as we step back and review what you’ve accomplished and where you’re headed. This review will allow you to make adjustments to your read more

Next, Getting started with your blog

Up to here hopefully you learned the importance of planning and strategizing your blog. Now let’s get our hands dirty and start building your blog.

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Peekzi top tips for registering a great your domain

First thing you need to do is registering your domain name. Try to choose a memorable, brandable and .com domain name so you can monetize it later on, so be creative when it comes to registering for a domain.

Find & Register Your Domain

Choose your web hosting – peekzi top 10 web hosting sites

Step two of the process is to choose a web hosting, don’t worry I put together my top 10 web hosting for you to save you time, money and the hassle. Once you are in there, you will see well-explained page.

Choose Your Web Hosting
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