Blogging for beginners – learn how to start a blog

Here is your step by step guide to blogging for beginners. By the end of this page which contains 7 steps you should have all the knowledge and tools you need to start building your blog and hopefully on your way to turn your passion into a good income.

step 1 blogging for beginners - peekziBlogging for beginners step 1: preparing a strong foundation

Blogging for beginners, any strong empire, building or program started with great planning. The same goes for blogging. Unfortunately, many first-time bloggers do not heed this very simple but useful advice. They readily jump into the waters and find themselves sinking into more and more problems Here are the specific steps to help you out in the planning process…

step 2 blogging for beginners - peekziBlogging for beginners step 2: posting content and online presence

Since you have already laid down the foundation for your blog, it is time to get the ball rolling. By this time, you will already have written the launch post, but it has not yet been uploaded to your blog yet. Here is what you need to know about post content and online presence…

step 3 blogging for beginners - peekzi Blogging for beginners step 3: focusing on your content

You already have your blog up and running after the first two tasks on how to start a blog. Although there is not so much content yet, it is already visible online considering that you also have started building your social media networks. Now it is time to start focusing on your content. focusing-on-your-content…

step 4 blogging for beginners - peekziBlogging for beginners step 4: The blog as a merchandise

By this time, the whole blogging experience should all be quite familiar. You would be more attuned to the process. You have already built the identity of your blog. This time, you are ready to make content and show that your blog has something to say about your topic. Think of your blog as a merchandise

step 5 blogging for beginners - peekziBlogging for beginners step 5: Enrich your niche knowledge

One of the main reasons why you choose a certain niche is because it is the closest to your heart. And it is because of this familiarity that you tend to have some level of expertise in discussing the niche that you have chosen. Enrich Your Niche Knowledge… 

step 6 blogging for beginners - peekziBlogging for beginners step 6: Define & demonstrate your blog’s quality

By this stage, you can already safely say that you have already kicked off your blog. Thus, it is time to restrengthen the foundation that you have built to give your blog a further boost. Define & demonstrate your blog’s quality

step 7 blogging for beginners - peekziBlogging for beginners step 7: paving your road to success

After the six-day training on how to start a blog, it is time to look back and assess the progress that you have made. Blogging or any venture for that matter needs to be evaluated every now and then. It is very important to spare some time to assess your accomplishment that is why the last day of training is allotted for this purpose. Your road to success


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Blogging for beginners – how to start a blog
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