content marketing ideas part 1

Content Marketing Ideas (Part 1)

Content Marketing Ideas, contrary to popular belief, content marketing is more than just creating articles or any form of media merely for the purpose of posting something online. It is actually more than that. And, if you want to know how to make money, you should know what content marketing really is.

Bottom line is it is all about creativity – how you package your content and turn it into something interesting and useful to your readers. If you are the kind of person who does not really have much of the god-given creative juice that other people have, you have come to the right place. This article is one of the four-part series of content marketing ideas that you can use for content marketing.

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Content is not always equal to being online

If your target audience can be reached through traditional advertisement or letters, it would also help if you send out information to your would-be customers offline. This makes the information much more direct. Traditional letters and print can also give a more sophisticated and professional feel to your marketing.

Direct mail approach

Blogs are helpful in reaching out to a lot of possible customers using one medium. This is the reason why it has gained prominence among online marketers and businesses. However, nothing still beats the direct, personal approach of sending emails to your social community. This kind of approach is also very effective in pay-per-click businesses. Just make sure to create your “personal” emails effectively to convince your audience to click on to the link you are promoting or to actually make a purchase.

Utilize white paper

White paper is a report that tells your audience how to solve a certain problem. Choose among which of the list of problems that your readers would want to address. Pick the one that earns the highest priority and write the most useful solutions that you can provide.

Freebies: course

Since you already have the emails of your audience, you can send them simple but useful free courses that they could help. This would bring your credibility up to notch and earn your audience’s respect. And since it is for free, your audience will also have the impression that you are really determined to help them out.

Freebies: teleclass

Another freebie that you can add is a teleclass which is not only engaging but also informative. You can either do it yourself or ask a partner to do the teleclass for you. It will build interest for your blog and your online business. The teleclass should also be recorded since it can also be used for future reference or a content to you blog. And, of course, the comments that you generate in the class will also be very helpful for additional blog ideas.

Paid teleclass

After you have given a free teleclass, you can also offer a paid one. The contents of the discussion should be more detailed and comprehensive than the free ones that you provide as to encourage your audience to pay for the lesson.

Blog post series (like this one)

To encourage patronage, it would also help to break down very relevant information about your niche into parts and create a post series out of them. If the information is very useful and the way it was presented is very interesting, your audience will anticipate the completion of the series and look forward to more information.

For more content ideas to help you out, check out the rest of the series at so that you will be able to come up with more strategies on how to make money blogging.


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Content Marketing Ideas Part 1
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