Content Marketing Ideas Part (2)

This is the second post of the four-part tips on content marketing ideas. This series, as discussed in the previous article, is going to tell you how to make money blogging using creative contents.

In the previous article, the content ideas discussed were the direct mail approach, the use of white paper, free courses and teleclass, paid teleclass and creation of a blog series such as this one.

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Online membership website

Aside from the social media community that you have built, it would also be very convenient for you to create a site where you can ask your audience to become a member of. This would be a good source of contact information and another advertising strategy because they can readily see what you are promoting just by checking out the site.

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Create a facebook page

Separate from the account that you have made to build a social media presence and create a social community online, you can also create a Facebook Page which could also be used to widen the scope of your promotion. You can also monitor which among the posts that you have made are the most popular and which has been shared a lot of times.

Come up with an e-book of your best posts

Collect all the best posts that you have created and compile them to create an e-book. This has worked for a lot of people and there is a high probability that it could also work for you. Make sure that you unite these posts into a common theme and create an introduction article to give your readers an idea what your e-book wants to say.

Forum contribution

This used to be a very over-used means to create backlinks to websites in the past. Although massive backlink creation has been frowned at online promotion strategy, it can still be used for legitimate purposes. You can look for forums that are in line with your niche and search for questions or request for information. If you think you have a post that could help answering the question or in providing information, it would not help to offer you blog.

Video for the most popular blog post

Aside from creating an e-book, you can also create a video for the most popular blog post you have created. The video will be a very interactive means of popularizing the information you have included in the blog post even more. The more facts that the content has become popular as a blog post means that your audience needs and appreciate the information that you have provided.

Build quality mini niche sites

Another way to popularize your blog is through building multiple mini sites that also give information about your niche. These mini sites can be modestly linked together to form a niche web and be able to become support information to one another. See this guy how he can Build Autopilot Websites & Make $12,000 Yearly – Watch the video

Twitter strategy

There is no doubt that Twitter has become one of the many powerful tools in building visibility online. To optimize the use of your account, make sure that you post concise, informative and entertaining posts that your audience can easily relate to. Always remember that twitter posts are always about building relationships and not so much about advertising something. Discover how to attract over 200 Lifelong Customers a Day on twitter!

Be authentic

If you want to stand out and if you want your blog to have a lot of visitors, make sure that your posts are authentic and ingenious. Being original helps you to stand out. However, ensuring that your content is real will also build up your credibility. You would not want all your effort to go down the drain just because your readers do not find the information you are sharing as reliable.

A yellow-page ad that is blog post

Publicizing you contact details is very important that is why even with the advent of the online market, the yellow-page is still very useful. No wonder it has also been able to transition to the Internet. However, when creating your online page, do not limit yourself to the traditional contact information. Transform your yellow-page into a blog post that includes sign-up information to your email auto-responder or a link to your white paper.

Get the best podcasts and turn them into an e-book

Aside from your top posts, your top podcasts can also be converted into an e-book which you can also sell online. All you have to do is transcribe the information that you have shared and collate everything into one collection that discusses all information that your audience would need.

For more content marketing ideas on how to make money blogging, check out and start making your blog more interesting for you to be able to generate more sales and patronage.


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Content Marketing Ideas Part 2
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