Content marketing ideas (part 3)

This post is part of a five-part series of the different ways to come up with effective content marketing ideas. For those people who are dying to find out how to make money blogging, this one is for you.

The first two parts already discussed a number of content marketing strategies which include direct mailing, e-books, teleclass, blog post series, membership website, Facebook page, optimized twitter posts, mini niches, forum posting, among others.

Since there are more tricks up the sleeve to share, here are more content marketing tips.

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Virtual conference

Short-list five to six people whom you can invite and discuss anything related to your niche that might be relevant to your audience. Make sure to direct the discussion on matters that help solve and explain the niche you are promoting. It would help to record the lecture as it might become a valuable source and information to be sold to your social community.

Tweetathon for a cause

Everybody loves to help. With the help of twitter, you can organize a tweetathon for a charity that you want to help. You do not need to invest much on the prize. You can always offer a free e-book like our 99 awesome tools, teleclass or subscription to the winners.

Blog treasure hunt contest

Come up with an ingenious way to place clues in your posts so that your social community can follow. It is an effective means to encourage visitors to your site to read your content, click on your posts and look for the clues that you have left. Again, the prize can be the same as the ones in the tweetathon challenge.

Sincere commenting

If ever you are going to leave comments on other people’s blogs or respond to comments in your tweeter or Facebook page, make sure to be sincere and real in whatever it is that you are writing. The online community is very sensitive to insincere comments.

Advertize other useful sites in your content

You do not have to hoard the credit and knowledge in your blog. You can cite other references and advertize other blogs or websites especially if they are really saying something important to your readers.

Prepare a buyer’s checklist for your audience

Since you are selling something, it would help if you make your would-be customers’ lives easier by offering them a guide on what to buy. You can prepare a check-list for them of the products that you are selling along with the corresponding prices and benefits of that product. There are a lot of customers out there who do not have much time to think about the products that they want to buy and many of them would want to shop conveniently.

Editorial in print

Again, it does not mean that your business is online that you cannot use traditional advertising. Create an editorial or an article and submit it to the local newspaper or magazine for publication. This would help you cover those potential customers who might want to avail of your product but do not spend too much time online.

Advertising in print

If the newspaper or magazine does not accept your article, you can always invest in an ad space. Since this is going to be a bit costly and the space is limited, you need to strategize the information that you are going to place. You may include anything that you want to include as long as you provide ample space for your contact information.

Retell useful but weird stories

The internet is a rich source of information. However, it is also a rich source for weird but useful stories that could be interesting to your readers. The story might be based on first-hand experience or it could be sourced from other websites. You may retell these stories to your audience. Just do not forget to cite the information source if the story is not yours.

Industry report from a credible source

This kind of report tells you about the trends in the market and is used to guide businesses in planning for their marketing strategies. Aside from using these reports as your basis for your business, you can also create a blog post on this topic as our readers might find this information also helpful on their end. It would really help if you invite or use the words of a credible source of your niche.

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Content Marketing Ideas Part 3
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