Content marketing ideas part 4

Content marketing ideas part 4 is the fourth of five part series of coming up with different ideas for your content. So far, you have already learned about using teleclasses, direct mail approach, blog post series, membership sites, Facebook page, forum posts, e-books, tweetathlon, virtual comments, buyer’s checklist, traditional print advertising, industry reports, among others.

But wait, there are still more ideas on how to make money blogging by creating creative and useful content marketing.

Be real, but show your different sides

Make sure to give your blog a taste of who you are. It should carry your identity because, after all, it is yours. However, if you think the content might just be a little bit too sentimental, weird or just beyond what your target audience may perceive as comfortable, upload those posts as contribution articles from guest writers.

Come up with a brand that stick to your readers

Since blogging is all about creating an identity, make sure that you create a brand for your blog. You do not always have to stick to calling your blog a blog just because by technical definition it falls under that category. Package an identity that is complimentary to your niche and your audience will surely remember. You might want to tag your blog as virtual coffee house, a training site, e-school, directory, and the likes.

Create Squidoo lenses for the holidays

The holidays seem to be a very opportune time for people to shop and spend money. That is why, coupled with your sincerity to greet them on Halloween and Christmas, take this opportunity to also market promos, freebies, and all your products or services to your customers.

Share your manifesto

A manifesto is a kind of writing that demonstrates a person’s ideas and feelings. Come up with your own manifesto and share it with the online community that you have built. Make sure that you try to connect the content of your manifesto to the niche you are marketing so that your audience will be able to appreciate more what you are saying.

Create all kinds of reviews

There are just so many things in the world that you can write a review on. It could be another blog, an article you read, a movie that you saw, an e-book that you were given to, the ideas that you have gathered in a seminar you attended, among others. The possibilities are endless. Just make sure that you can make an interesting connection between the review that you are making to the niche you are promoting. Just like our top 10 web hosting reviews

Manage difficult topics

Identify the top most difficult topics under your niche. Find a way to discuss those topics in much simpler terms. You can come up with a top 10 tips, a how-to guide or just, and the likes. The idea is to make the discussion light and understandable so that your readers may better understand the topic.

Compare your readership with popular topics

Get the most popular posts online. Choose those that have been buzzing social media discussions. Then, make use of those topics and try to come up with an article relating those popular topics to your niche. It can be outrageous but just make sure to establish a logical connection between your niche and the popular topic.

Pick-up stories that you find interesting

Try surfing online and find topics that interest you. If the topics were able to arouse your interest, it will be able to do so with other people. The best way to find topic ideas is skimming through Reddit. You may retain the title and just re-create the article. Again, find a way to connect that interesting topic to your niche.

Pick-up headlines and write them as your own

When you are done with interesting articles, you may also try interesting headlines. Try to look for these titles in popular magazines or websites that do not have anything to do with your niche. It is okay to retain the headline just as long as you recreate the article of the content.

Address objections by writing articles

This is a very good way to address the negative feedback and comments you receive in your blog or posts. You do not have to answer them individually. Just collate these comments and check the list to see which of the negative feedback can be grouped together. After you have grouped these topics, create an article answering directly the negative comments you have grouped.

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Content Marketing Ideas Part 4
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