Content Marketing Ideas (Part 5)

Content Marketing Ideas Part 5, this is the last of this five-part series that teaches you how to make money blogging by coming up with fun, creative and informative content marketing ideas that will surely improve your blog’s visibility online and to convert your blog visits into revenues.

So far, there have been 37 steps discussed and among them include creation of podcasts, teleclasses, organizing tweetathlon, advertising in traditional print media, coming up with your e-book, and many others.

To add to your growing list of content ideas, here are 10 more tips that you can try.

Free test drives to those interested

Ask a client’s permission and record your conversation with them discussing how satisfied they were with the product or service you have given. Make sure to also include their suggestions on how to improve what you are offering. Once done, upload this content as testimonial and as free test drives to would-be customers.

Create useful tools and give it as freebies

Using your product or the service you are offering, come up with a specialized tool and give to your audience for free. Not only will they have a taste of what you are offering, the will also feel extra special for having received that gift. They might even start to endorse you to their own circle of friends for free!

Special content to thank avid readers

It is a special day for your clienteles. It could be a birthday or any special event that they are celebrating. It could be Valentines Day or Thanksgiving. Whatever the occasion is, make sure to express your gratitude and thoughtfulness in a simple content specially made for your readers. If you can, also try to include some freebies too.

Include sideways sales letter in your campaign

The most famous creator of the sideways sales letter is Product Launch Formula founder Jeff Walker who repackaged sales letter into less formal, conversational and engaging way to communicate with customers. This kind of sales page still tries to sell something, however, it does not sound forceful and desperate. It comes in a series of e-mails that try to discuss the advantages of a certain product. And these are sent over a certain period of time and on a regular basis.

Invite authors to write as guests

Be creative on this one. You really do not have to ask somebody to write an article for you since it might cost you a lot of money especially if you intend to get an expert on your niche. It could be a blog series from a whole new perspective. If you are selling baby apparels, the guest author can be a toddler. If you are selling pet products, it can be from your dog or cat. The trick here is to be very imaginative.

A little absurdity might help

People online love crazy, wacky ideas to the point that most of the popular posts and viral content online are mostly created out of absurd ideas. Try to include this spice in your blog. However, try to balance the sensibility of your target audience and would-be customers. Make sure not to go for very crazy ideas that they might already find offensive or vulgar.

Paid monthly newsletters

Come up with more detailed discussion of your content that would really compel your readers to subscribe to your newsletters. You do not need to make all your readers sign-up and your newsletters should not be too pricey either. You can package the newsletter together with a free content. Sign up to our newsletter and get 99 Awsome Tools PDF

Causal voice or video recording on helpful tips

You do not have to be an expert videographer to come up with this kind of content, and you also do not need very expensive equipment. Just grab your phone or your handy video camera and start rolling on casual conversations that discuss pressing issues about your niche. Just make sure that the video quality and most importantly audio is good.

CD’s and DVD’s to boots offline visibility

This is another offline strategy to increase your visibility. You can tap companies that offer to record your top video and audio contents in a CD or DVD which you can market online. It can even be a possible means of income if your market really likes your compilation.

Combine your generosity with your creativity

Think of all the ideas you can come up with to make your customers’ lives better. These should be practical and are really meant to improve their lives. Create a guide to help them sort out their problems. This is also a very effective way of pulling new audience to your growing online community.

Hopefully, you have generated content marketing ideas that will help you with your blogging campaign that will help you with your online business.

This is the ends of the five-part series of the content marketing ideas . If you missed some of the tips in the previous articles or you want to learn more techniques on how to make money blogging, check out more ideas in


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Content Marketing Ideas Part 5
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