Content marketing for beginners

Content marketing is a strategy where the main goal is to attract more clients and convince previous clients to be loyal clients. This is how you can educate and convince your clients by sharing contents that relate to the products and services that you are trying to promote. Learn how to become a smart marketer…

It is common to hear that most people who want to purchase asks or seeks for information rather than just being presenting by ads. People seek for information regarding the items or the services that they are planning to purchase or even invest on, because like everyone else, they also want to know that they are spending their money’s worth correctly and wisely. For people who want to start business marketing online, I am sure you are familiar with ‘content marketing’. So what is the real deal with Content Marketing for your business?

So what is the real deal with content marketing for your business?

Let me start with the basics.

I am sure you are familiar with ‘content marketing’. So what is the real deal with Content Marketing for your business? Let me start with the basics. content marketing showcases different ways for you to profit, examples include blogging, uploading free reports, tutorials, video clips, etc. Learn how to do effective blogging…

Put in mind that content is what fills the internet. Every day, internet users like students, entrepreneurs, researchers use the internet to find new and reliable information that could help them with their queries and needs. The reliability and authenticity that content marketing gives way for bigger sales opportunities and also provides the introduction to the services and items that your business is promoting.

One of the biggest factors of success in individuals in online marketing is the reliability and the high ratio of valuable content that doesn’t initiate sales agenda but leaves out some promotional messages that could convince and/or intrigue people to try the services you offer or purchase the items that you are marketing.

What is the difference of content marketing and copywriting?


Content Marketing is creating or providing data or information that is valuable and reliable for people to use. These contents should be reliable information about the product and/or services that a business wants to market.

In example, you own a new floral company who could cater deliveries all over the state, you could put up a blog and put in there photos of your floral arrangements and the details of each certain type of arrangement that you could cater. That would serve as the content. You could share this to social media sites in order for your business to be known.

Copywriting is about having a client to do an action, sometimes it means calling in for more information for a certain product or service. Content marketing is usually seen in blogs and marketing videos. Copywriting is usually seen in direct emails and infomercials. Copywriting, a must learn skill

There are also a lot of blogs out there that have spectacular content, yet have few readers. If you have great interesting topics that people would love to read, but you are unable to get the ‘traffic’ you want, the problem would lie ineffectively copywriting.

Here are some elements of ineffective copywriting:

Poor headlines

You know headlines should be very captivating in order to attract readers. Headlines should be thought of or it should serve an eye-catcher of every article. Bad headlines- it could be that the headlines you’ve decided to write are either b-o-r-i-n-g or ‘too much’ that people wouldn’t find it interesting and gives them reasons to not click through. Learn how to write an effective headline that gets attention….

No benefits

We all know how every product in the market has benefits for people to purchase them, well that is how it is for contents as well. Your contents should be rich and useful for it to be regarding the viewers.


It’s important that you keep a good image for your business so that people would know they could trust you and rely on your business. In example, your client ordered for flowers to be delivered for his wife on Valentine’s day, they paid for it and everything but you didn’t process the delivery.

What do you think happens?

Hmmm. Probably social network protest against your business, lack of trust, bad reputation… eek

Socially awkward

Well, a blog couldn’t attract readers if they don’t feel cool about it. Your readers should be able to feel like your blog is a cool place to hang out… or else they won’t.

This is a challenge for starters, but we have a few tips for you!

Here are some insights that we’d love to share!


It would be beneficial for you if you give specific instructions of what you want to happen or what you think should your readers do next. It could be a call for your loyal readers to subscribe to your email newsletter or help you share your contents with social media sites.

Take action and lead your followers!

Since copywriting is a great way to convince your readers to do a specific action for the benefit of both sides, remember that to build a loyal bunch of readers, you must be able to enhance your copywriting skills.

Substance is the key

Always remember that copywriting is a FUNDAMENTAL tool for your blog’s development, but this wouldn’t be enough to pull you up to being one of the greatest blogs in the world-wide-freaking-web. Always remember that copywriting without content is a waste. You need substance! You need good valuable content.

Generosity is the new sexy

You know how the greatest blog out there has the great posts that are very useful. When you have an idea to share yet you feel uncomfortable for putting it out free, you know you took the right risk!

What the crap?

If you don’t want your content to be overlooked or disregarded, make sure you put your ads in a decent, readable and wonderfully prepared content. Who want’s to look/read something, that’s so crappy?

To the people, for the people

Build rapport. Reach out to your readers, address them. Maybe ask them how their day was before you go on mumbling about your topics. Every client would appreciate that kind of approach. If you want your readers to grow and stick around, you must make them feel welcome, appreciated and important.


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Content Marketing for beginners
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