Copywriting for beginners

How to craft a compelling copy that convert first-time users into returning

In this copywriting for beginners article, we will be be discussing one of the fundamental elements of online marketing – Copywriting. Copywriting is one of te tools we use to strategize on business, this allows us get people to do or act in a certain action. Most copy experts invested time in a copywriting course in order to properly deliver the skills that are needed to become a great copywriter.

Here, we will provide you the information needed to help you enhance and develop the skills that you need in order to excel as a copywriter. We’d like to share *Mr. Joe Sugarman’s insights when it comes to copywriting..

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Okay, so for example you wrote a blog post, a status update or a technical how-to.

  • What do you think your primary purpose for posting these literary pieces online?
  • It is to have it read. Right?
  • And what do you think is the primary purpose for writing the contents of your articles?
  • Isn’t it to have people read the first sentence of your work?
  • And what is the purpose of having your 1st sentence read?

Right, it is to have the second sentence read.

And it goes on and on until the part which initiates into a sales opportunity.

With these simple insights in mind, you should know now why a strong and compelling headline is a necessity, how giving importance to the reader’s view is a must. and how you should and must make a commitment to your reader/client which you must also fulfil.

Here are some tips to get you going:


It is important that when you write, you are able to construct it in a way that you keep your reader or your client interested. It should be persuasive enough that you could initiate the reader to take action with what you are trying to present It’s like when you’re reading a novel and you’re just compelled to turn every page until the end. I’m not saying that you should be a great author, all you need is to keep your writing compelling and persuasive from one sentence to the next until you get there.

Simplicity is a key

Another tip for you is that you keep it simple. Don’t over do it.

Remember how the first words in William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Act III, Scene 1 consists not only of six words with not more than three letters each – “to be, or not to be.” Your readers wouldn’t be limited to those who are educated enough to understand what the heck you’re blabbing about, so keep it simple – not too fancy.

The quick brown fox

Make use of numbered lists and bullets for it would be easier for your audience to understand your points. You can also make use of your font styles options like bold and italic to stress out the words that you want your clients to notice. It can help in persuasion.

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Copywriting for beginners
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