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Blogging for beginners step 3: Focusing on your content

Focusing on Your Content, you already have your blog up and running after the first two tasks on how to start a blog. Although there is not so much content yet, it is already visible online considering that you also have started building your social media networks. Now it is time to start focusing on your content.

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Post “My Story” article and endorse it

You might have already received feedback from the people to whom you send your “My Story” article for comments. Make sure to heed their advice, especially if it could really help improve the article. Just before you hit the post button, check the list of post ideas you made and make sure that your “My Story” article has included them. When satisfied, publish your second content right away.

Once you have uploaded the “My Story” article, do not forget to share the new post on your social media account. This will help boost the reach of your blog spot to as many readers as possible.

Create the lead content post for your blog

With “My Story” published for everyone to see, then there is nowhere to go but create the third post, the lead content of your blog. In the previous task, it was explained that the lead content will become the flagship content of your blog which will discuss in detail information that your target audience would definitely search for again and again and again. This means that it should be relevant and at the same time timeless.

Your expertise and familiarity with the niche of your blog will surely come in handy when choosing the topic of your lead content because you would need to know the most frequently searched for information about your niche by your target audience.

Once you identify your topic, you need to determine how you are going to write your article. You need to consider that you aim to be informative with the topic you have chosen. Some of the ideal formats would be how-to guides, an introductory article on the niche or a step-by-step list, especially if your niche has something to do with procedures. The format will depend on the kind of information you want to discuss. If your niche is on automobile maintenance, a guide on how to properly take care of cars would be the most ideal. However, if you have a travel website for a certain location, an introductory article about the place would be the right call.

Opening more ideas from lead content mindmap

You have already created the mindmap for your lead content which can really help you organize the information you want to include in the article. Moreover, it will also be a very good strategy to expand new topics for discussion.

Say for example, going back to the automotive maintenance niche, after you have given a how-to-guide on proper car maintenance, you can expand each part of the guide to a specific post topic. One of your tips might be to have its engine regularly checked. This can be expanded to another how-to-guide in spotting possible engine troubles. Another possible topic is the best way to spot reliable mechanics or how to get the best deals in having your car checked.

The advantage of basing your ideas in your mindmap is that the topics that you would most probably write about are very relevant to your lead post, ensuring that the articles you will be writing will be equally as useful to your audience.

As you try to search for more topics to write about, you will also discover along the way various effective methods on how to present your content which is very helpful in making your blog interesting.

Ready for more content – plan your next post

After having finished writing the lead content which you will be setting aside for posting the next day to give you time to proofread and edit the article with fresher eyes, you are now ready to start creating more content using the ideas you generated from your brainstorming. It is time to start looking at the ideas you generated and saved for future reference.

The lead post is just one of the many types of posts you can create for your blog. Some of the most common post types used in blogs are current events, stories, opinions, among others. There are just so many article formats that a blogger could use. Whatever it is that you choose, just remember to keep your content related to your niche and significant to your readers. These succeeding posts need not to be everlasting. They can only be timely for a certain period of time, but they will surely perk the interested of your target audience. These catching posts are also very important in generating visits and following to your blog.

While deciding on what ideas to use for your next post, you might come up with more specific or additional general ideas. It would help to create sub-folders in your ideas folders for your general and specific concepts.

Make your network wider and stronger

Blogging is a social activity and it needs to reach as many people as possible. This is the reason why building online relationships especially with your target audience is very important. Always remember that the blog you created will become an avenue where people will also interact and react. It is going to become a dynamic community. And, the social media accounts that you have created will also be another avenue for this social gathering which also allows for on-the-level communication with your target people.

Given these possibilities, it is very important to take advantage of all possible opportunities wherein you can encourage people to become part of the online community you have built from blog visits, fellow bloggers and other websites that have similar content as your blog.

Since you are still starting, your social media accounts and blog might not get much interaction yet from the group that you have gathered. In the long run, however, your group will expand and you should be committed to facilitate, attend to and encourage the interaction in your social media accounts and in your blog. Being responsive to your audience and the entire community will be a big advantage in keeping the community that you built intact and encourage it to expand more.

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Focusing on Your Content
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