Godaddy web hosting review – things you should know

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Is GoDaddy a good web hosting company? Godaddy Review

In this Godaddy web hosting review, We are going to cover the pros and cons of hosting your website with them. GoDaddy is a publicly traded Internet domain registrar and web hosting company. As of 2014, GoDaddy was said to have had more than 59 million domain names under management, making it the world’s largest ICANN-accredited registrar. Find out more at….

Customers can choose from its economy plan, deluxe plan or unlimited plan.

The economy package is good for those who intend to come up with one site.

  • Free Domain Name – with annual plan
  • 1 Website
  • 100 GB Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 100 Email Addresses
  • 30-day money back guarantee

Just bear in mind that GoDaddy will charge you a bit more when you renew your hosting.  At this moment, the economy plan is at $4.99 per month, but when you renew it would go up to $6.99 per month and this can change.

Both the deluxe and unlimited package offers unlimited websites and storage but deluxe can only offer 500 email addresses capacity while the unlimited package has 1,000 email addresses.

All hosting packages offer unlimited bandwidth, free domain with annual plan but it is only the unlimited package which has a free one-year SSL certificate which could help secure customer data and increase search rankings, 2X processing power and memory for Linux with cPanel and premium DNS. Learn more at….

GoDaddy has one of the most affordable packages offering much more affordable prices the longer you avail of its services. The hosting service offers discounts and promos every now and then, cutting one-month hosting price in half or more when availed of for 12 or so months.

With its massive bandwidth, you do not have to worry about massive traffic influx no matter what kind of plan you choose. But, if you are expecting to get a lot of site visits in a day or when you think you will be building a lot of websites, it would not hurt to invest on the deluxe and unlimited packages.

Customers also get some form of shopping support if they want to get pre-packaged website set-ups thru the product advisor. They can get suggestions what kind of hosting plan to get along with other add-ons for website set-up needs. Unfortunately, if you are still not that sure what you want to get, it would be advisable to not to use the product advisor.

It can be used in either Linux or Windows operating system and can support a wide array of content management systems which include but not limited to WordPress, Magento, Drupal, among others. Here is the link to get start….

Among the pride of GoDaddy is its security which has been able to keep hacking and spamming at bay. Although this is a plus side to its features, it can also mean more work. There are some website apps, forms and other add-ons that might not be compatible with the security setting and end up being blocked by the system. Eventually GoDaddy allows this but it would require time and effort.

Lastly, GoDaddy has added a lot of FAQs and informative articles to compensate for the lack of live chat support to guide customers in sorting out hosting-related problems. It also has both email and phone supports. However, the phone support has been getting negative feedback for being time-consuming and useless because they rarely get to connect to someone to talk to. Here is the link….


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Godaddy web hosting review – things you should know
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