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Heart Internet Review, this is another web hosting company that is based in the United Kingdom, particularly in Nottingham, which has in its sleeves various recognitions and awards including the PC Pro’s Best Web Host of the year 2013. This citation is enough indication for most users to know how reliable this hosting service is, especially that the selection is based on the opinion of 11,000 people on what hosting service is the most favorable in terms of speed, customer support, reliability and value for money. No wonder it has a substantial number of avid followers with loyal patronage. Check out Heart Internet web hosting.

These are the packages that this hosting service offers under Web Hosting:

Starter Pro is priced at £2.49 / month which has been designed for “small websites or beginners” who are still starting up or aiming for a simple website.

Home Pro is at £7.50 / month is good for those who visualizes their website to grow and is perfect for those who are trying to build typical websites.

Business Pro which is at £10.83/ month is not only ideal for business websites but also for those who are bent on making future long-term plans with their websites.

Whichever package they choose, customers are guaranteed to get web hosting without limits, round-the-clock support, Bespoke hosting tools, 100% UK-based web hosting and, everyone’s favorite, money back guarantee!

It also offers Premium Hosting packages, namely, the Base package which is £29.99 / month, the Plus package which is £ 49.99 / month and the Pro package which is for £ 119.99 / month. All of these offer unlimited websites, 1GB MySQL databases, bandwidth and mailboxes, 99.99% uptime, managed operating system and hardware, extended control panel, free dedicated IP address and load balancers and failover and one-click app library with many options to choose from. Their difference is that the Base package has 50 GB disk space (SSD), guaranteed 375,000 estimated monthly visits and 4GB dedicated RAM. Both the Plus and Pro packages offer unlimited disk space, but the former guarantees 750,000 monthly visits and 8GB dedicated RAM while the latter estimates 1.5M monthly visits with 16GB dedicated RAM.

Find out more about Heart Internet Web Hosting – UK Based Campany.

Among the strengths of Heart Internet is its versatility, especially that it can cater to a wide range of individuals who are running various kinds of online businesses from bloggers to online stores and even just a web-based community. This is something that not so many hosting services can offer.

One of the things that this web hosting company takes pride of is its desire to constantly evolve. As the technology changes, this company continues to change and grow in order to make sure that it continues to provide only the best possible service that it can offer. It understands the great importance of being able to adapt to the constantly changing needs of the online community, thus it also continuously comes up with timely innovations to be able to meet this challenge.

It also believes that the customers should always be well taken care of, so they have only the best professionally skilled customer support that is always ready to provide the needed assistance by its customers. For most website owners out there, always having a helping hand is a very crucial factor when choosing a hosting service.

Aside from this, Heart Internet allows its customers to sell its hosting services under a new brand name through its reseller hosting service. This can be another line of income opportunity that the online community can explore and make a profit out of. Aside from this, Heart Internet also offers VPS web hosting, and premium hosting. They also provide good domain names at a very low value without any hidden additional fees. To put it simply, this hosting service can be the complete package that most website owners want to have.  http://heartinternet.co.uk


Customer Reviews

However, as with all kinds of commercial products and services, Heart Internet Web Hosting Service also has its share of negative comments. Among which negative heart internet reviews is its price which for most users out there can be relatively much more expensive than other hosting services. Some others comment that they get much downtime and that the customer support can be quite difficult to reach and, if ever contacted, are not really that helpful.

However, other customer feedback such as the one found in One heart Internet review says that the customer was satisfied with the service that this hosting company provides. Many online users are also loyal customers to this hosting service and has been using it for many years now.

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Heart Internet Web Hosting Review
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