How to make money blogging step by step guide

make money blogging, blogging has become one of the most powerful online tools in terms of promoting something on the Internet. And, over the years, it has evolved as a medium for helping advocacies and businesses flourish in the online community. In fact, it was through blogging that people started to acknowledge the power of the Internet as a tool for communication. And, as they say, the rest is history.

Nowadays, more and more people have unlocked the potential of blogging as a means to earn income. No wonder there are so many strategies on how to make money blogging online. Before we venture to these strategies, it would be wise to know the different financial opportunities in blogging.

The first are advertisements. The pay-per-click method started giving blogs their own identity online. At the onset, blogs were found to be very effective means of generating referral clicks that automatically convert to money. The problem with this kind of method is that you need to have a substantial number of clicks in order to have sustainable income. Although this can still be a good source of money, it would require you more effort and time to meet your desired payout.

However, becoming more and more popular nowadays is content marketing. This is the kind of blogging that allows you to personally promote a certain product, merchandise or services offered. You may be doing it for your own business or for somebody else. Imagine it as the new television where you get to advertize what you are trying to sell. This is the kind of blogging purpose that could potentially generate a lot of money.

Now that you already know how to make money blogging, the next question you might be asking right now is how to properly do it.

Here are some steps to help you get started with content marketing. And, if you are already doing it, this list might also help you check if you are doing it right.

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Find your niche

You are going to build a business and it should be something that you are very interested in or you think would really sell. You are going to spend much time and effort on the campaigns that you are going to make and it would be very hard if you suddenly lose faith in what you are promoting. Thus, when finding your niche, make sure to ask around or do some extensive research.

Start with a strong foundation.

Having found your niche, the next thing that you need to do is look for keywords that you are going to use in your campaign, in the articles you are going to make, the videos that you are going to create and all the kinds of content you will be placing in your blog. These keywords should be highly searched but has low competition. Make sure that your keywords are also related to your niche so that the people who visit your blog will also share the same interest as with the niche of your site. RPreparing a strong foundation

Create fun, informative and interesting content

With so many kinds of content online, your content should be able to catch your target audience’s attention. The market is so wide and the playing field is so big. You should be able to reel in the would-be cliental of your business. The best way to do is to create fun, interesting, informative and relevant content. Posting Content and Online Presence.

Balance selling and informing

If you advertize too much, readers might get easily discouraged. The last thing that they need is another person trying to push their business on their faces. However, if you only entertain and inform through your blog, you will not be able to get your target paycheck. So, try to create a balance between selling and informing. Focusing on Your Content.

Spread what you have to offer to the world.

After building your blog, the next thing that you can do is to branch outside to the online community and create your own pool of avid readers and audience who would be most probably your potential customers. Create social media account in Facebook and Twitter and start a campaign so you can encourage people to join your circle. Social media has been proven time and time again to be very effective in spreading the word online. Thus, make sure to share your blog with the rest of the world. Do not wait for people to stumble on your blog by chance. There are billions of blogs and websites on the internet. Define & demonstrate your blog’s quality

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