How to start a blog – Preparing a Strong Foundation

How to start a blog - Preparing a Strong Foundation

Preparing a Strong Foundation Step 1:

How to start a blog, any strong empire, building or program started with great planning. The same goes for blogging. Unfortunately, many first-time bloggers do not heed this very simple but useful advice. They readily jump into the waters and find themselves sinking into more and more problems. To put it simply, if you want to avoid these kinds of headaches in the future, plan your blogging foundation and it would only take you less than an hour to accomplish this. Here are the specific steps to help you out in the planning process.

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How to start a blog task 1: Create a folder for your ideas

One of the truest assumptions at this stage is that you already have a niche a target audience in mind. You have this general picture of what you want your blog to say and what you want to be known for. However, an identity is not enough. Any blogger knows that a blog’s success depends on its content. In order for you to have quality content, you need to have ideas.

Create a folder for any ideas that comes into your mind. You can store this in your computer, in your mobile phone or in that cute little notebook that you carry along with you wherever you go.

When searching for ideas, the best way to start is to think about your personal lifestyle, commitment, and obligations. Then, when an idea hits you, make sure to place that idea in the folder that you have created. A word of caution: these ideas may come anytime and sometimes when and where you least expect. Thus, make sure to be ready with your ideas folder. Always remember two things. One is that you will never know when inspiration hits you and, two, every idea is important. Content Marketing Ideas Part 1

How to start a blog task 2: Brainstorm for more ideas

Now that you have your ideas, it would be a shame to just let them go to waste. This is where the second step comes in.

The first thing that you have to remember is that although your ideas may come at random, you should always focus them on the topic of your blog. If you want to advertize your souvenir items, your blog will be all about how you would make people buy your souvenir items.

However, your souvenir items would have a specific target group – those who would most likely buy the souvenir items you are selling. First, with a specific target audience in mind, you can start listing possible questions that your would-be audience would most likely have about the souvenir items that you are selling. You may start listing down these questions without having too conscious about which questions would be most ideal as blog topics.

Then second, also list down possible topics on souvenirs that your target audience might already know about the souvenirs and also write them all down without being too conscious of what is a good or bad idea. Finally, choose one of the listed ideas you came up with and create a mindmap wherein you create a web of related ideas to the first idea you listed.

Make sure to create a mindmap for all the ideas you generated in the first and second steps and then keep all the mindmap in safe keeping for future reference. Content Marketing Ideas Part 2 

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How to start a blog task 3: Come up with a realistic posting schedule

So now that you have ideas to write about, maybe you think that it is high time that you start writing your blog posts. No, not just yet. It is important that you come up with a realistic content creation and posting schedule that you can religiously follow.

Make sure to consider that you need to consider your other obligations in life in setting up your schedule but, at the same time, you need to be able to meet the content creation and posting schedule that you set. Thus it would help if you identify early on how many posts you need to be posting, the frequency of your posting and will the posting be done on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. cContent Marketing Ideas Part 3 

How to start a blog task 4: Strategize your first-week posts

You now have your ideas and your schedule. The next thing that you need to do is plan your first week of blog content. Well, some people may even go farther and plan longer than one week.

Whatever you fancy, the idea is the same. This is the part where you get the mindmap you created during your brainstorming. Then, try to choose among the ideas that you came up with and schedule them according the days of the week. Make sure to leave the second day for your “My Story” or “About” post.

Strategizing the first week of your posts will give your blog spot a good launch in the web. At the same time, this will also help you plan out the kind of posts you are going to create making your content more organized and thematic. Content Marketing Ideas Part 4 

How to start a blog task 5: Get the wheels rolling

Finally, it is time to start the content creation. The first post is going to be short and sweet – this means that it would not take too much time to create, but it should also be able to explain what your blog is and what it intends to do. Moreover, in the event of possible following from your would-be visitors, it would also help to explain how often you are planning to post new content so that they would be able to follow your posts regularly. Thus, you should be able to make them subscribe to your RSS feed or newsletter. Moreover, getting feedback from them, may it be in comment, query or suggestion, is also a good indication. Content Marketing Ideas Part 5 

These are the simple preparations you can make in order to help you start your blog project up and rolling. Just always remember that good planning will help make your blog and your content more organized and helpful to your audience. Learn more blogging tutorials at


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How to start a blog – Preparing a Strong Foundation
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