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I hope you get your answer in this InfusionSoft Review. Being an owner of a small business in today’s advancing world definitely puts you in need of a platform which can provide you with online sales and marketing solutions and also alleviate your burdens and maximizes your sales. InfusionSoft is the highly eligible solution to all your problems. It is a leading sales and marketing software that will not only assemble your business but also help grow sales in a much in less time. Try InfuionSoft first before signing up

What is InfusionSoft? Is it right fit or my business? Is worth paying $100s for it every month? Is InfuionSoft reliable? and finally what infuionSoft does that other email marketing solutions don’t. These are the kind of questions that might be buzzing in your head. Learn more at…

InfusionSoft Key Features:

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about infusionsoftBut first, What is InfuionSoft?

InfusionSoft is a sales and marketing software solution aimed for small online businesses, Infusionsoft was created to help its users to grow sales, get organized and save time. Infusionsoft allows business owners to both manage and automates their sales and marketing programs within one unified system. It also includes features like lead capturing, e-commerce, lead scoring, and an advanced email marketing platform. Find out more at

Organization is another significant part of Infusionsoft. Tools like task and contact management systems, calendaring options, and mobile capabilities to ensure that entrepreneurs are using a platform that always has simplification in mind. At a glance, business owners are able to see things like client contact information, sales histories, account balances, and lead sources from within the Infusionsoft system.

InfusionSoft Demo: Marketing Automation Stay on Top.

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infusionsoft-featuresInfusionSoft Features:

  • CRM (Customer relationship management)
  • Easy to build landing pages and publish
  • Email marketing, Automated Campaigns
  • Scoring tool
  • Marketing Automation
  • Multimedia Marketing
  • Multimedia marketing management
  • Marketing reports
  • Built-in metadata and keyword fields
  • Drag and drop to craft and publish landing pages
  • Web Forms
  • Track orders, sales totals, accounts receivables, etc
  • Payment Processing
  • Lead Scoring & Distribution
  • E-Commerce
  • Quotes & Orders
  • Opportunity Management
  • Sales Reports
  • Referral Program Management
  • Social Sharing


Sales Activities

  • Easily view and update contact information with Inline Editing and Interactive List View
  • Create follow-up actions with one click drag and drop

Lead Qualification and Distribution

Sales and Conversion Reports

Web Forms

  • Drag & and drop for designing and publishing forms instantly
  • InfusionSoft allows you to use real-time updating to easily make changes

Customer Segmentation

  • Segment your clients or customers by adding tags to their contact records, enabling targeted marketing and sales campaigns.

InfusionSoft Calendar

  • Track what tasks need doing and by whom
  • Creating reminders and appointments


  • Importing data from any CRM, CSV file, or contact management system
  • Eliminating duplicates once data is imported



  • Creating and launching marketing campaigns that convert leads into clients or customers
  • Trigger campaigns automatically or manually to start or stop when a contact takes an action
  • Ensuring campaigns and campaigns elements are set up correctly with color-coded indicators and checklists


  • Start and stop campaigns instantly based on customers behavior
  • Use multimedia channels for offline marketing

Social Media

  • Making content easy to share on Facebook, Twitter and Google+
  • Easily publishing web forms and emails to social media channels
  • Monitoring social activities with reporting tools


  • Leveraging the Drag & Drop Email Builder to creating professional emails
  • Customizing email templates to fit the company message and logo with a click of a button


  • Measuring and tracking email and social media activities
  • Viewing marketing activity on the homepage report dashboard
  • Checking stats such as click-through and open rates as well social sharing

Behavioral Triggers

  • Responding quickly to contacts when they click on a link

Multimedia Marketing

  • Creating and sending voice broadcasts, personalized mail, and a lot more


Storefront & Shopping Cart

  • Creating and managing your store with InfusionSoft
  • Ability to organize and display products on your store
  • Ability to process payments with PayPal or with many other popular payment processors

Electronic Order Forms

  • Using a hosted landing pages that are especially designed to match the company’s branding when selling products
  • Using the shopping cart to feed contacts and billing information into your InfusionSoft system

Discounts, Upsells, and Trials

  • Based on customer buying behavior, you can offer tailored discounts and upsells
  • Ability to offer a free trial to your users and then automatically start billing them once the trial ends

Payment Plans

  • Ability to split prices into payment plans for higher conversation
  • Defining time period, financing arrangement, and also number of payment installments

Post-Purchase Follow-Up

  • Create customer welcome campaign, create and send a thank you email, segment contacts with tags and a lot more


  • Ability to charge credit cards, create and manage subscriptions and automate customers billing
  • Ability to automatically inform your customers about overdue balances or failed charges

Product Management

  • Ability to set up alerts when product levels reach to a certain threshold
  • Ability to send downloadable links for digital products and enforce download restrictions


  • Workflow Automation
  • Scheduling and bundle task into a single “action set” that can be activated with just click a button

Smart Promo Offers

  • Create related products and services in your shopping cart

After Sale

  • Personalize customer communications based on purchases, interests, and more to increase response rates

Free InfuionSoft Resources and Training

  1. 7 eBook: 7 Steps to Complete Small Business Sales & Marketing Plan.
  2. Ebook: Content Marketing – Three Success Stories
  3. Ebook: Content Marketing, 3 Success Stories
  4. Ebook: Event Marketing with Twitter
  5. EBook: Infusionsoft Guide to Sales & Marketing
  6. Ebook: PR for Small Business
  7. Ebook: Strategic Planning for Small Business
  8. Worksheet: 50 Ways to Wow Your Customers
  9. Worksheet: How to Identify Your Target Market
  10. ROI Calculator

InfusionSoft Key Features:

Let’s get you more engaged and talk about the features it has to offer to you. InfusionSoft Features explained here would be widely divided into the ones related to CRM, e-commerce and marketing, letting you have a deeper understanding of what opportunities you might be enjoying.


infusionsoft ecommerce review

The E-commerce features that might appeal you include storefront and shopping carts, electronic order forms and payment plans. This is not all; invoices, upsells, discounts and trials would also be there at your disposal. Also, InfusionSoft affiliates programs and lets you have a post purchase follow up.


infusionsoft crm review

The CRM features of InfusionSoft are the ones that you will find the most useful. It gives you the sales activities as well as the sales and conversion reports to keep your business at its acme. Web forums and customer segmentation would help you stay in an organized way.


infusionsoft marketing review

Lastly, the most prominent features, InfusionSoft has to offer to you in terms of marketing are its Campaigns, the active social media and in time reports. Furthermore, Email with 99% probability of deliverance and autoresponders will leave you will help make your tasks effortless. Customer Success Stories: Marketing Agency – Blue Cow Creative

InfusionSoft Cons and Pros


InfuionSoft Pros:

  • This all-in-one package is designed to save your time as well as save you the headache of using multiple programs at a time.
  • It has all those features that would only help you take your small business to elevated levels. You will find all the features
  • truly benefiting your marketing and automation of your sales.
  • It also allows you to keep up with your contacts and customers.
  • Furthermore, you have the convenience of customizing the software according to your needs since it originally comes in API format.

InfuionSoft Cons:

  • You may find yourself complaining about the user adoption rates since the interface is not readily understandable as those with other products in the market that are at a competition with you.
  • You might as well face few disruptions following the InfusionSoft updates.
  • Also, the customization including the shopping cart and storefront has really lived up to the expectations of the businessmen.
  • It is highly recommended that you must learn the InfusionSoft via the Infusionsoft training program, Infusionsoft tutorials, and Infusionsoft videos all of which comes in the package.

InfusionSoft Customer Success Stories:

  1. Athletic Apparel – Blue Chip Athletic
  2. Cleaning Service – Clean corn
  3. Coaching – The Rocket Company
  4. Dentistry – Burleson Orthodontics
  5. Education – Hear and Play
  6. Mathplus Academy
  7. Estate Planning – Private Counsel
  8. Fitness/Franchise – Human Healthy Vending
  9. Fitness/Franchise – Iron Tribe Fitness
  10. Information Marketing – Pam Slim

About Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft is the software solution for small businesses that are focused on growth. A web-based solution, Infusionsoft is the only product available that combines CRM, emailmarketing and e-commerce into a single, integrated system. Infusionsoft’s all-in-one sales and marketing software deliver tools that help businesses better capture leads, increase sales and save time. Built with a powerful automation engine, Infusionsoft manages the entire sales and marketing process from end to end, helping clients improve and run their businesses more efficiently.

Established in 2004 and based in Gilbert, Arizona, Infusionsoft serves the needs of small businesses by providing custom software. Its all-in-one sales and marketing automation software is a leading product in its segment and has been frequently recognized for its excellence, winning awards from top technology publications and associations. Over 7,000 small businesses rely on Infusionsoft to help streamline their marketing and sales processes. With a team of over 150, Infusionsoft is dedicated to helping their clients improve conversion, increase leads and grow sales.

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