Keyword Research – either you make it or you break it

In online marketing, keyword research is one of an essential skill that you have to master. If you have the best contents but don’t have the right keywords – you’re just wasting your time. To put it simple, finding and using the right keywords are essential for you to be recognized – and the easiest way to gain recognition is to have mutual ‘interests’. For example, in a room full of strangers, you will get along with people who share the same interests as you. A more specific example is how you type something on a search bar.

Example #1

A lady goes on to shop online and is looking for a bag that she could use for her friend’s wedding, she types in “wedding bag” or she wants new shoes for a party, she types in “red hand bag”. If the keywords she used matches with the keywords you used in your online shop, it will allow the items to be recognized, thus gaining the site traffic.

Example #2

A family wants to go on a beach vacation for a summer –and you have an article that supports the information that he needs. You need to make sure you have the correct keywords that could match the search.

Example #3

A teenager wants to get a tattoo. And you have a blog post that is about how whales reproduce and you put in ’tattoo’, “cool tattoos.” “ink” as keywords for your post. Well, you’re doing wrong. Very wrong. Make sure your keywords relate to your content so that you get the right visitors and your visitors get the right information they need.

Keyword optimization is knowing your audience, how they think more specifically how would they look/search for this ‘thing’ they want? Oh, you have a blog post about the best drugstore makeups, go ahead and put in the right keywords! You can start with keywords like Makeup, beauty, cheap makeup, and so on to experiment how you think your audience would think.

Just make sure it all relates to the content

  • Know your highlights and put yourself in your audience’s position.
  • Questions to ask yourself before picking a keyword:
  • Will the results of the search make them happy?
  • Will this keyword help the audience find what they need?
  • Does this keyword support my content?
  • Would this match my audience’s expectations?

Remember that the use of keywords would affect your online market, it would either make you or break you. Make you – if you know how to find the correct keywords to use. Break you – if you just keep on using the wrong words. Remember that it is about having the right visitors instead. Always keep in mind that the results should correspond to whatever you type on the search bar.

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Keyword Research
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