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Blogging for beginners step 7: paving your road to success

Paving Your Road to Success, after the six-day training on how to start a blog, it is time to look back and assess the progress that you have made. Blogging or any venture for that matter needs to be evaluated every now and then. It is very important to spare some time to assess your accomplishment that is why the last day of training is allotted for this purpose.

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Assessing your blog’s goals and objectives

Initially, you started with a concept of what you want your blog to be. However, during the course of writing your content especially the about page and lead article, building your online presence and establishing your own online community, you might want to rethink your blog’s initial purpose. Do not worry. It is normal. There are a lot of things that you discover once you get started with the blog building process.

It is important to always ask what you intend to do with your blog. You need to list down both your long-term and short-term plans. These plans can be affected by three factors: first is the goals and objectives that you have set for your blog; second is the kind of content you post; and last is the online community that you will build because your readers’ opinion and suggestions are good sources of tips to improve your blog further.

Striking a balance among these three will help you come up with better decisions when it comes to the content, promotion strategies, reader engagements, among others.

After this assessment, you should be able to have a better idea of how your blog as developed and give you a glimpse of how it is going to cater to your target audience.

You might discover a number of irregularities. You might find out that your blog’s content might not be directly what your audience needs or it does not achieve your goals and objectives. Or, maybe, you might discover a better post plan, content schedule, content ideas and other goals and objectives for your blog.

Whatever it is you find out, try your best to come up with a definitive solution to improve your blog using all the things that you discover. This will help you come up with a re-discovered sense of direction for your blog.

Seeing content problems

Your assessment might lead you to see gaps in your content. It could be problems relating to your post schedule. Maybe, as a blogger, you are posting too much information in a short span of time or maybe you are not posting too often. Or, maybe the kinds of content that you have created and posted do not really address the goals that you have set and, in return, do not meet the expectations of your audience.

Once you identify the problems in your content, you will be able to generate additional ideas which you can add to the ideas folder that you have created.

Reviewing publishing plans

Now that you have a fresher understanding and perspective of your content, you will be able to restructure your content publishing plans.

In doing so, however, you need to review once again the kind of information your audience need. With this, you need to assess if you have access to the data you need to become an authority of this information.

You must also remember that your audience’s needs vary and they might demand a wide range of topics. It is your duty to come up with a priority list to organize how these topics are going to be published in your blog.

Lastly, you also need to review your posting schedule since you will be having new set of content ideas.

You have just finished the first seven days of your blogger’s starter kit. Now, you are ready for more blogging ideas. Check more tips and strategies at

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