Blogging for beginners step 2: Posting content and online presence

Since you have already laid down the foundation for your blog, it is time to get the ball rolling. By this time, you will already have written the launch post, but it has not yet been uploaded to your blog yet.

Launch Post – Reading with “new eyes”

It would be a nice habit to develop to leave any made content overnight in order for you to review the content with fresh eyes the next day. This is important because of two reasons: first, is that it gives you an opportunity to review if you have missed out an idea or if you have not been able to expound on a certain idea properly; and, second, it would help you see errors in spelling or grammar much easier. At this moment you would have defamiliarized yourself from the article and your eyes will be able to see any irregularities.

After having gone through the launch post, proofreading it and editing errors, preview the post one more time. If satisfied, post it to your blog right away. Congratulations, you have already completed the first step on how to start a blog and marked the beginning of your blogging career.

Share the link to your launch post to your friends. They might be able to give you an idea or two that could help improve the quality of your post.

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My Story – How good are you with your niche?

In the previous task, it was advised to allow the second day of your first-week post schedule to your “My Story” post. If the launch post tells your audience what your blog is about and what they should expect from it, the “My Story” post will help build your credibility as a blogger.

So what will your “My Story” post include? It should be able to explain your affiliation with the niche you have chosen by discussing how long you have been dealing with your blog’s niche, how passionate and dedicated you are about your chosen topic, the future you intend to build with the niche you are focusing on and the overall expertise you have to discuss the niche.

Once you are done writing, again, leave it for a day before publishing it in your blog for further proofreading and editing.

Publishing format – the key is consistency

People tend to judge a website’s worth with just one look. That is why it is very important to maintain a uniform layout in all of your posts. Remember, the human eyes are trained to value uniformity with credibility. Thus, this would be the best time to decide how you are going to go about with your posts – the font, the font size, inclusion of pictures with proper credits, among others. Other than the format, the publishing process might also include factors that affect blog search ranking, promotion based on location and the likes.

Now that you have your format in mind, it would be very convenient if you keep a checklist of the publishing process you want to follow. Below is a sample publishing process that you may adapt and modify according to your liking and needs:

  • Included all the keywords needed for the post and the title
  • Inserted relevant image with proper citation of the image source
  • Proofread and edited article errors
  • Checked post idea and added missing concepts, if there are any
  • Verified facts included in the article
  • A call to action was added at the end of the article, either to leave a comment or check out a link
  • Added links to other posts on the blog (if you have posted many content in your blog)

Lead content creation – More and more brainstorming

If you think you have enough of brainstorming in the first task, then you are greatly mistaken. Painstaking as brainstorming as may seem to other people, it is also very important, especially when generating ideas for very relevant and informative content,  and in this case creating the lead content for your blog.

What does “lead content” mean? This is the prime content of your blog which would contain all the basic ideas of your niche. This would include top-searched information about the topic you are promoting and the basic knowledge that one has to know about it. This would generally be very relevant and should never become outdated. Thus, it should include fast-facts about the niche you are promoting.

How do you create the lead content?

It is actually very simple if you have already gone through the first task of brainstorming for ideas. Go back to the ideas that you have generated and pick out those that fit the “lead content” criteria. Break it down further into simpler concepts and make sure to look at it from different perspectives. List down all the ideas you can generate and then save it in your “lead content” folder or keep your “lead content” notes in safe keeping.

Social media use – expanding your blog’s online reach

The reason you created your blog, may it be for personal or commercial use, is because you want to reach a certain group in the online community. Once your blog starts reaching people and it has been able to capture their interest and earn their respect, they would voluntarily share it with their friends who have the same interest.

The best way to make your blog known to your target community is through the use of social media. It is very affordable and, to date, very effective. It is amusing how people tend to flock in Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks and automatically find their way into groups for their respective liking. And this is the kind of social gathering that would be very advantageous to your blog.

Thus, start creating accounts in these social media networks and start associating with the target audience of your niche. It would be best if you also do a keyword research in these platforms so that you will also have an idea how people with similar niches are fairing in these networks.

All you need to do is copy the URL or link of your blog and post in your social media account. If your link is quite long, you can use or other URL shortening services.

Now that you have an account and you have also posted the link to your blog, start adding friends into your circle in Facebook or follow people on Twitter. Although you need people to like your page and follow you on Twitter, the first thing that you need to do is to increase your visibility and the rest, as they say, will just follow.

With all these steps, you have already accomplished the second task and by now, you would have already posted two contents in your blog and took the first step in helping increase the visibility of your blog online. With more blogging tutorials at, there is no doubt you will become a successful blogger in no time.


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Posting Content and Online Presence
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