What is SEO copywriting?

In this SEO copywriting guide, you learn it all.

There used to be something called SEO copywriting. These SEO copywriters seemed to have magical word skills that allowed them to place just the right keywords in just the right places, and even in the keyword densities that were just right for awesome top rankings.

And that’s all you used to need . . . or at least that’s what we were told.

There’s no doubt that the location and frequency of keywords are still significant. Search engines work by keying in on the word patterns that people are searching for and returning relevant content. But there is more to it than that.

Here’s the deal . . .

much of what define the ranking position of any particular page is because of factors that are free from the words on the page, in the form of links from other sites, social sharing, and etc.

Getting those links and other signals naturally has become the hardest part of SEO, and that is why we’ve seen the mainstream rise of content marketing as a way to attract links with great content.

Putting it simply:

If your content isn’t good enough to attract great, natural links and social sharing, it doesn’t matter how “optimized” the words on the page are. That’s why a good SEO copywriter is now essentially a smart internet content creator who has the ability for tuning into the needs and desires of the prospective audience. And because social sharing and are so important, those needs and desires have to be nailed well before that content will show up prominently in Google or search engines.

The same emotional forces that prompt people to buy can also cause other people to link from blogs, and bookmark, and also like, and retweet from social media platforms. The context is different, as are the nuances, but it’s still a matter of providing compelling benefits in the form of content.

According to Google, ” You should come up with something that creates value to your users.”

Google’s engineers continue to diligently create cleverer search algorithms, while people-powered social media sharing delivers links and traffic as a reward for compelling content.

To sum it up: a good copywriter needs to have a flair for writing content that’s inviting to share and to link to. She needs to be really skilled to optimize the page, so Google know what it’s about and who might want to read it. And she needs to know how to write copy that converts readers to buyers. That copywriter will become an important member of any serious marketing effort. So, if it’s all about what happens off the page.

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What is SEO copywriting & how to create content that ranks in Search Engines
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