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Ten content marketing tips you must know

Ten content marketing tips, everybody is doing content marketing – from the big players to the emerging new websites in the online community. If you have not read the previous posts on what content marketing is, here’s a quick run through of what it is all about.

Content marketing is an online means of communicating to would-be customers that would make them become avid visitors of your website and give them an impression of your site as a credible website to do business with. Achieving these two will help you become successful in your campaign to increase the visibility of your blog and, in turn, also increase your sales conversion.

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So how do you know that you are doing your content right? Here’s a ten-point checklist to help you out.

1. Build in your own site

You are going to invest time, money, effort and knowledge on the content that you are going to make, it would be such a waste if you see them disappear just because you chose to use rented or free sites.

If you are going to make online marketing a serious business, your main blog should be in a domain that you control and in a platform where you are the boss. This would mean that you are creating high-value content for Facebook or Twitter or in somebody’s domain.

How do you know it is your website? Your link or domain looks like this: www.yourchosendomain.com or it could end in .info, .hub, among others. The idea is you paid extra for the domain name and the web space. Check out reliable and affordable domain and hosting sites that best suit your needs. And, if you get restrictions as to what to post on your blog, chances are you are using somebody else’s platform.

An ideal blog platform is WordPress. It is easy to use and you can customize its themes, content and the marketing campaign you want to use. The free domains and social media sites can be used in your campaign when you are building mini niche sites. However, make sure that your main blog or main website is yours.

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2. Create a platform to work on

Uploading content to your site should not be done randomly. You cannot just post anything that you suddenly thought of as interesting. Build a cornerstone where you can base your posts on. This will be your basis for creating a content plan and uploading schedule.

You can start with what your target audience might find interesting if you have not finished your content plan yet. It is always a good way to attract an audience at the onset of your blog’s life.

3. Your content should be worth your readers’ time

The time and effort that you spend just to attract people to check your blog is no joke. That is why if you are to post content make sure that it is worth your reader’s time and it would compensate for the effort that you have given just to bring people to your site. Remember, the first visit of a viewer will determine his or her decision if he or she would visit your blog in the future. The first content will bridge your gap to the audience. It will be the standard bearer of your blog’s credibility. So make sure you have high quality, informative and entertaining content.

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4. Upgrade security for your site

Aside from your blog’s visibility online, another thing that you need to consider is its security. Remember, if people start hacking to your site and they succeed, this will not only be a bad sign to your business credibility but it will also be an indication that you are building your business in unsteady waters. You are dealing with money here and, after all, you are creating a business. That is why it would not hurt to invest in services that do security sweeps and prevent shady intentions against your website.

5. Build a pleasant-looking site

We live in a world which places high emphasis on esthetics. Thus, it would not hurt if you take some time to consider how your blog looks like. It does not have to look fancy especially if you cannot afford to have big web space. Just make sure that the color is pleasing to the eyes, the size and type of the fonts are readable, everything is organized and your posts follow uniform formatting.

6. Attract a wide audience with your content

Although you are targeting a specific group of audience to follow your blog, you do not have to make your content very specific. It is actually advisable to have content that could appeal to a wide range of audience. In this way, you do not limit the mass appeal of your blog and you also invite potential customers. You cannot always predict the profile of your target audience. There might be others out there who do not fit your profile but are actually potential customers.

7. Short-list people to include in your e-mail marketing

Even while you are still building your blog and you are still attracting audience bit by bit you can already start building your e-mail list. This is a good way of tracking every person that has found your content, your post or your blog interesting. This means that you have higher chances of making them avid visitors to your blog and making them your potential customers.

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8. Star guest posting, if the time is right

If you are satisfied that you have already met items one to seven in this checklist and that you are confident with the content that you have already created, then it is time for you to do guest posts. These kinds of posts allow you to expand the reaches of your posts to a wider group of audience and exposes you to more readers or customers. Thus, make sure that the guest posts that you have created should link back to your main blog or site.

9. Do not forget making a sale

Although building a blog through quality content and massive loyal readership is the core of your blogging strategies, do not forget that you also need to convert these readerships into sales for the product you are selling or the services you are offering.

10. Start your campaign using social media

Now that you have a blog and enough content to promote, then it is high time that you start your social media campaign. Social media is proven to be very effective in widening even more the reaches of your content. Facebook and Twitter can surely expand the reaches of your content and advertising.

This is the end of the how to make money blogging series which helped give you tips for various content marketing ideas, the importance of social media in building online presence and many more. For more information and tips, check out www.peekzi.com.

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